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Skype Other Classrooms!December 18th 2008 by Sue Waters in Uncategorized – 34 Comments  

This page has been set up to help you make connections with classes in other countries who are interesting in having Skype conversations with other classes. You can contact each person by clicking on their name or using the information they’ve shared.

This list was started Dec 18, 2008 and was last updated 3 March, 2010.  Due to the nature of this type of list, and when it was started, people’s contact details or position may have changed.

If you would like your class added to this list please add your details to this post.

Click on a link below to find classrooms from each country:

  1. Algeria
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. ESL/EFL classes
  5. Ecuador
  6. Thailand
  7. Languages
  8. Movie Making
  9. New Zealand
  10. Norway
  11. Sweden
  12. Switerland
  13. UK
  14. USA
  15. Venezuela


  • Miss Maliha: mimitlemcen[at]gmail[dot]com, 3rd Year university students, ALgeria GMT+1


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  • Larry Ferlazzo – interested in hearing from other ESL/EFL classes with students between the ages of 12 and 20, Have an International Sister Classes Project with classes from around the world.
  • Doris Molero – University Level EFL English as a Foreign Language Venezuela, Maracaibo-Zulia GMT- 4:30
  • Ann Varna (annabooklover),  9-12 Grades, English for speakers of other languages Itea / Greece, UTC/GMT +2

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  • Jody Zambrano: jzambrano[at]interamerican[dot]edu[dot]ec 1st grade – 11th grade, ELL, Ecuador UTC/GMT: ECT, GALT (UTC-5, -6)

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New Zealand

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  • Ann S. Michaelsen, Grade 12, Interested in connecting with Great Britain students age 16 – 18. Subject: History, Oslo, Norway

  • Kevin Hodgson – dogtrax(at)gmail(dot)com ollaborative StopMotion site up and running, in which students create short movies around literary themes (math in the spring, perhaps?). I can help mentor anyone wanting to give it a try, too. Longfellow 10 blog

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  • Brian Grades 4-6, Sweden, English, History and Geography, CET +1  Skype: montessori.regnbagen



  • Craig Phillips – Primary 6 (9-10 year old), Highlands of Scotland GMT

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  • Lorraine Leo – lorra22[at]gmail[dot]com, K – 6 Tech Integration, Newton, MA, UTC/GMT -4 hours
  • Gail Poulin – Kindergarten children, Western Massachusetts, USA, GMT -5, interested in some brief Skype interactions to spread understanding about the power in the internet, and making the world more accessible, Mrs Poulin’s blog
  • SilviaTolisano: Pre-K- 6 Grade All subject areas (Technology Integrationist), Florida/USA, GMT -5 (-4 during Daylight Savings Time) Langwitches blog
  • Courtney King, courtney.king[at]rcsdk12[dot]org – I have a second grade classroom in New York, USA. We are learning about Poland and would love to chat with kids in a Polish classroom who can speak english. (the only Polish words we know how to say are “thank you” and “good”) We are in the Eastern Standard time zone. email me if you are connected to a class in Poland. USA EST
  • JoNelle Gardner: twitter- jonelleg , school email gardnerj[at]fort-mill[dot]k12[dot]sc[dot]us K- 5 Grade, All subject areas (Technology Integration), South Carolina/USA GMT -5 (EST for the US) and -4 (during Daylight Savings Time)
  • Wanda Williamson, Grade 7 Science, Skype: wanda.williamson123, cyberchalk[at]gmail[dot]com, NC, USA, USA GMT -5
  • Mary Beth Klawender, mklawend[at]livoniapublicschools[dot]org, 10-12 grade, Chemistry/AP Chemistry, Michigan, USA, EST
  • Ashley Hood, Technology Facilitator,, K-5, All subject areas, NC, USA, EST, USA GMT -5
  • Leah ONeal – leahoneal[at]roadrunner[dot]com., Señora O’Neal’s Clase de Español, Grade 3-5, skype with elementary students from any Spanish-speaking country, NC USA EST
  • Arielle Goldstein, agoldstein[at]watchungschools[dot]us,  K-4, Watchung, NJ, USA, EST
  • Jean Lee, jlee[at]blackriver[dot]k12[dot]oh[dot]us, 3rd graders (8-9 years old) in all core subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies), Black River Education Center in Sullivan, Ohio, USA, GMT -5
  • Kevin Jarrett: K-5 (ages 5-10) All (technology) New Jersey, USA GMT-5 Welcome to NCS-Tech! blog
  • Maddy Shapiro – m_shapiro[at]sharon[dot]k12[dot]ma[dot]us, K-5 (ages 5-10), Instructional Technology Specialist, Sharon, Massachusetts GMT -5 Height’s Technology Blog
  • Cathy Wolinsky – Grades 2, 3, 4 All subjects, Maine, US, GMT-5 Learning, Teaching & Technology blog
  • Linda Silverberg,, Second (2 classes); Third (3 classes); Fourth (2 classes) and Fifth Graders (2 classes), We are doing Podcasts, Blogging and Writing, NYC, USA, TimeZ: EST
  • Lori Wolcott, third graders (8-9 years olds) about their culture and communities, lwolcott[at]saintstephens[dot]org
  • dgoodman, Instructional Technologist at a 3-5 school, dgoodman[at]ecps[dot]k12[dot]nc[dot]us or skype: dgoodman_1958, NC, USA, GMT-5
  • Cindy Bode – cindy[dot]bode[at]woodward[dot]edu, Grades 4-6, Atlanta, USA, GMT-5
  • Angela Cunningham, Twitter: kyteacher, Grade 9, Social Studies, EST, Kentucky, USA
  • Tim Pfluger: 6th Grade, Pennsylvania, USA Mr. Pfluger’s Discussion Corner blog
  • Jim Alvaro – Grade 5 (10/11 year olds) Michigan, USA GMT-5 The Skinny’s
  • Brad Wilson, 4th Grade Teacher, Southwest Michigan- EST, Skype ID: stewart4class,
  • Brian Licata – Twitter: BLicata, Grade 6 to8 (10 -13yr olds), all subject areas, NY, USA
  • debdteacher1, Email: dherbert[at]hhh[dot]k12[dot]ny[dot]us, NY, USA, GMT-5 EST
  • Cathy Schiding,, schidingc[at]nesd[dot]k12[dot]pa[dot]us, 10th grade (15-16 y/o) US history, Manchester, PA, USA. EST
  • Relton McBurrows – notler2[at]yahoo[dot]com, 6th Grade (11-12 year olds), Social Studies, Georgia, USA, GMT-5 EST
  • Tim Madden – 6th grade/11-12 year old kids English/Reading Grand Ledge, Michigan (midwestern United States) UTC -5 MadWords Now blog and MadWords Then blog
  • Nate Moore,, 6th, 7th & 8th grade (11-15 year old students), web 2.0 technology classes, Grand Ledge, Michigan (midwestern United States), UTC -5
  • Amy Cobb – acobb7[at]gmail[dot]com Seventh Grade English (12-13 years old), Florida USA GMT – 5hrs
  • Kelly Enders,, 9th and 12th grade, social studies, Pennsylvania, United States, GMT – 5hrs
  • Sharon Williams – Grades 6-8, Language Arts, NC, USA GMT-5 Gifted Tech Ed blog
  • Mike Kaechele: Grade 6-8 technology, Concrete Classroom blog
  • Kevin Hodgson – dogtrax(at)gmail(dot)com, Grades 6 (11/12 year olds), Language Arts, Massachusetts, USA, GMT-5 The Electronic Pencil blog and Kevin’s Mindering Mind Blog (personal)
  • Jennifer Ward – and, 10th grade World Literature students, Pennsylvania, USA, EST GMT-5
  • Louise Maine – Grades 9/10, Biology/environment, PA, USA GMT-5 Hurricane Maine blog
  • Jerry Swiatek – tech specialist at a high school (Grades 9-12, ages 14-18) in Florida. I have teachers from several different subjects interested in Skype collaboration. Inverness, FL, USA
    Eastern USA, GMT-5, Thoughts from a Technology Specialist blog
  • Charlie MacFadyen – Grades 9-12, tech integrationist at Champlain Valley Union HS in Vermont, USA GMT-5


  • Russ Goerend – K-5 Talented and Gifted, Iowa, USA, GMT -6 (CST) Tag Mirror blog
  • Jean Storms – jeanstorms[at]w-delaware[dot]k12[dot]ia[dot]us, Grade 7, Social Studies and Math, GMT -6 (CST), Iowa , USA
  • Lisa Berkery – LisaBerkery[at]gmail[dot]com, Grade 1-6 Technology Teacher, GMT -g (CST) Illinois, USA
  • Amanda Gentis,, 5th Grade, San Antonio, TX, USA, GMT -6 (CST)
  • Rodney Turner,, Grade 4, Math, Science, Social Studies (First Peoples), Arizona, USA, UTC/GMT -7 hours
  • Mr. Tijerina,, 5th Grade,  San Antonio, TX
  • Brian Wopat, -> High School -> Academics -> World Languages -> M. Wopat, 9-12, French, levels 1 & 3, Holmen, Wisconsin, USA, CST -6:00GMT
  • Destiny Lorance, deloran[at]kckps[dot]org, Grade 1 (ages 6-7 years),  Kansas, USA, CST GMT -6
  • Lynn Smith, smithl[at]eagles[dot]k12[dot]mo[dpt]us
  • Molly Aschoff, maschoff[at]esu17[dot]org, 5th Grade, Social Studies & Language Arts, Valentine, NE USA, GMT -6 (CST)
  • Patrick Black – Grades 1/2 ( Self-Contained students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities) Mount Prospect, IL USA, GMT – 6 Teaching All Students blog
  • Melanie Corn – Grade 1, Illinois, USA, GMT – 6 Mrs Corn’s First Grade School web page, First Grade Fun blog
  • Carla Clanin: cclanin[at][linnmar[dot]k12[dot]ia[dot]us 4th grade Iowa, USA GMT – 6
  • Lisa Dick – Grades 10 – 12/ages around 16 – 18 Computer Education (Multimedia, Computer Science, Web Design)But can align our activities to most subjects, Minden, Louisiana/USA

  • Ken Pendergrass – kenpendergrass [at] me [dot] com, Grades 6/7/8, Music, Washington, USA GMT- 8
  • Alice Mercer, Grade 1-6, Computer and technology teacher, CA, USA
  • Justin Talmadge – 7th grade world history Seattle USA GMT- 8
  • Colette Cassinelli – ccassinelli [at] vcstudent [dot] org, Gr 7/8 (ages 13/4) HS Computer Applications,HS Journalism,HS Digital Video Production,HS Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash) USA GMT- 8 VS Classes blog
  • Ginny Hoke – 10th grade, 15-16 years old, Literature and Composition, Oregon – U.S, GMT- 8
  • Terry Parent – tparent831[at]gmail[dot]com Grade 8 Social Studies, North Hollywood, Ca, USA, The Spiders Web
  • Mr. Barker,, English/History/Web, Los Angeles, CA USA PST

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  • Doris Molero – University Level EFL English as a Foreign Language Venezuela, Maracaibo-Zulia GMT- 4:30

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